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The Clarin K-centre for Diachronic Language Resources (DiaRes) is focused around diachronic text collections, and as a special case of these, historical texts, as well as tools and resources for processing and analysing these. Our main target audience is researchers in the humanities with an interest in different aspects of historical texts, such as historians, social scientists, researchers in literature and history of ideas, and historical linguists, as well as computational linguists working in the field of digital humanities.

We offer special expertise mainly within the following subareas:

– Storing and maintaining diachronic corpora
– Making such corpora available to the public
– Offering tools for processing diachronic (in particular historical) text in different aspects
– Offering advice on compilation, annotation and formatting of diachronic corpora
– Providing infrastructure and support for digital humanities research


Centre for Digital Humanities, University of Gothenburg, main contact: Cecilia Lindhé, cecilia.lindhe@lir.gu.se 

Department of Linguistics and Philology, Uppsala University, main contact: Eva Pettersson, eva.pettersson@lingfil.uu.se 

Riksarkivet (The Swedish National Archives), main contact: Cecilia Notini, cecilia.notini@riksarkivet.se 

Språkbanken (The Swedish Language Bank), University of Gothenburg, main contact: Lars Borin, lars.borin@svenska.gu.se 

Help Desk Contact

Eva Pettersson, eva.pettersson@lingfil.uu.se


"Towards a Swedish Diacronic Corpus", poster, workshop, Swe-Clarin, SLTC 2018, Stockholms universitet.