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Lund University Humanities Lab is a state-of-the art research and training facility for the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology at Lund University. The Lab provides access to and training in the use of various types of technology to the Humanities, among them language archiving technology and training in corpus and data management. The Lab hosts an archive, containing a varied set of multimodal language corpora with standardised metadata and linked layers of annotations and other resources. Two major additional resources are under construction (the Digital Multimedia Archive of Austroasiatic Intangible Heritage and Lund Digital Information System of Contextualized Typology) which will include corpora of Swedish minority languages like Romani chib. The Lab is linked to The Language Archive (TLA) at the MPI for Psycholinguistics and a previous member of DAM-LR (Distributed Access Management of Language Resources). The Lab is also a member of the strategic research area (sfo) eSCIENCE/eSSENCE, working on data storage, treatment, retrieval and visualisation.

As a type K center, the Lab will provide tools and expertise related to language archiving, corpus and (meta-)data management, with a continued emphasis on multimodal corpora, many of which contain Swedish resources, but also other (often endangered) languages, multilingual or learner corpora. Current work targets automatic data retrieval from multimodal data sets, as well as the linking of measurement data (e.g. EEG, fMRI) or geo-demographic data (GIS, GPS) to language data (audio, video, text, annotations). Within Swe-Clarin, the Humanities Lab will collaborate most closely with the type A center at SND, for issues of storage, access, and management of multimodal corpora. The Lab also hopes to develop closer links to the K center at Linköping University, for expertise on translation, and with all other centers regarding the integration of language technology in the work flow of data management.

Contact: Johan Frid, johan.frid (at)