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The K center at Linköping University is part of NLPLAB, Human-Centered Systems division, at the Department of Computer and Information Science. Research in language technology has been on-going since the department was formed in 1983 and spans many fields of language technology, including dialogue management, word alignment, computational terminology and summary extraction.

The group has built corpora such as the Linköping Translation Corpus, a patent translation corpus, the Linköping English-Swedish Parallel Treebank and various gold standards for word alignment and automatic summaries. Tools developed by the group include word alignment tools, monolingual and bilingual term extraction tools, lexical structuring tools and semantic mirroring tools.

As a type K center, Linköping University will provide expertise in collecting and annotating textual resources, building and customizing alignment tools, creating bilingual lexicons from parallel corpora, as well as extracting and structuring term candidates from text collections. Within Swe-Clarin, the Linköping type K center will collaborate closely with the type K center at Uppsala University, regarding translation and alignment. Within Linköping University, an example of research where CILTLab has been assisting researchers in the Department of Language and Culture is a project on analysing style and expressions in women's language manifested in letters before 1800. Contacts with the Faculty of Arts have shown that there is a strong interest within Linköping University to further develop similar cooperation with researchers from other fields.

Contact: Lars Ahrenberg, lars.ahrenberg (at)