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On Friday, October 7th, 10 am – 20pm we will show the new version of the Swe-Clarin toolbox at an inauguration ceremony in Ågrenska villan, University of Gothenburg. During the course of this day, researchers from different disciplines in digital humanities will talk about their experiences with using language data as primary research data. There will be stations where our tools are presented and a possibility to try them out with guidance. The evening will end with a mingle and refreshments.

The day is organized as an open house with buffé lunch and coffee/tea for all participants. While it is not mandatory to register beforehand, we appreciate registration. As this is a national event, we have the possibility to cover travel expenses for some participants. If you are interested, please indicate this in the form below and we will be in contact soon.

If you have questions, please contact us through our contact form.


Confirmed presenters:
Gilbert Ambrazaitis, University of Lund
Jenny Bergenmar, University of Gothenburg
Johan Jarlbrink, Umeå University
Johanna Mesch, Stockholms University
Anne Palmér, Uppsala University
Susanne Nylund Skog, ISOF/Uppsala
Fredrik Skott, DAG/Gothenburg
Maria Ågren, Uppsala University

Tool and demo stations
We will showcase our automatic text analytics tools from the Swe-Clarin toolbox, for example: 
– name and place identification
– generate word pictures that show a word's best friends
– show the use of words and expressions over time in the form of a timeline
– classify texts according to criteria such as sentiment, attitude or theme
– find mentioning of events like financial transactions
– use maps to visualize geographic relationships or changes over time

Inauguration ceremony
– Pam Fredman, vice-chancellor of the Gothenburg University
– Gunilla Herdenberg, National Librarian of Sweden, the Royal Library
– Björn Halleröd, secretary general of the Swedish Research Council’s Council for Research Infrastructures
– Lars Borin, national coordinator for Swe-Clarin



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