Clarin rapporterar från workshop i Göteborg

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Jan Niestadt, från det nederländska språkinstitutet (INT), besökte nyligen Språkbankens workshop vid Göteborgs universitet.

Niestad presenterar workshop:en, och arbetet med verktygen Korp, Strix and BlackLab, på europeiska Clarins webbplats. Han inleder:

"Språkbanken (the Swedish Language Bank) and the Dutch Language Institute are organisations with similar goals and ambitions. We both have own corpus search systems: Korp based on CWB and BlackLab. Both systems are used at institutes in several countries and connecting as many of these systems as possible to the FCS is important for CLARIN, as is seeing how to evolve these systems and the FCS to serve users looking for more structured ways to search. Providing similar and optimal user experiences in each search frontend is of course also important for FCS users. Furthermore, comparing user interfaces might inform how the FCS aggregator interface could evolve in the future.

All of these subjects were to be touched on while I was in Gothenburg. This visit was initially suggested by Elena Volodina, researcher at Språkbanken, who thought it would be useful to get together and discuss these various topics – she was right!"

Klicka här för att läsa mer om workshop:en på Clarins webbplats.