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One of the best known and widely-used concordancers is that provided by SWE-CLARIN’s Korp. A versatile and user-friendly tool, Korp is the main corpus infrastructure of Språkbanken and is used extensively by the Swedish and Finnish consortia, as well as in an Estonian and a Norwegian CLARIN centre.

Through Korp, researchers can access some of the consortia’s most important language resources, such as SWE-CLARIN’s Riksdagens öppna data corpus and FIN-CLARIN’s Suomi24 corpus, the latter of which was covered in a previous Tour de CLARIN blogpost. A concordancer is one of the key tools of a language resource provider, as it serves as the main entry point to language in context.

Tour de CLARIN is an initiative that highlights prominent national activities of a particular CLARIN national consortium. 

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